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Loose Leaf Tea Vs. Tea Bags

For tea lovers, there’s often a debate between loose leaf tea and tea bags and which is better. We want to break down both forms of tea, give you the advantages and disadvantages, and then the decision will be up to you!

Loose Leaf Tea

Whole leaf tea and loose leaf tea are made from larger pieces of tea leaves and are not confined to a tea bag. When brewing loose leaf tea, you need to have an adequate amount of water and tea so that the water can move in and out of the tea leaves. This will allow the maximum amount of nutrients, antioxidants, and flavors to be extracted from the tea leaves. Loose leaf tea is often more flavorful because there is room between the tea leaves and the water, which allows for a more in-depth infusion of tea flavors and aromas. With tea bags, the tea is confined to a smaller space and cannot move as freely, often resulting in a less infused flavor.

Tea Bags

Unlike loose leaf tea, tea bags consist of smaller pieces of tea and sometimes even tea “dustings”. Because the tea is confined to a small space within the tea bag, the smaller pieces of tea leaves allow for more surface area to be in contact with the water, which can help promote a more flavorful cup of tea. Usually, this tea is still less strong than a loose leaf or whole leaf tea. To achieve a more flavorful cup of tea, many companies are choosing to use a larger than normal size tea bag. This allows the tea to be larger in size and give it more room to infuse with the water. These tea bags may be called tea pyramids, tea sachets, pyramid sachets, tea pouches, or tea socks. Progress has been made and these small changes have resulted in more flavorful teas.

The Choice is Yours

Ultimately the choice is yours. Tea bags can be easier to take on the go, but loose leaf tea tends to have a stronger, more enjoyable flavor. At Art of Tea, we believe you should find a tea that works with your body, calms and soothes your mind, and energizes you for your daily activities. It should not matter whether the tea is loose leaf or a tea bag, it matters how the tea makes you feel. We recommend you try both types of tea to see which works the best for you!

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