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Self-Care Guide: The Healing Powers of Tea

Tea has been used for thousands of years in alternative medicine to help heal the body, soothe the soul, and calm the mind. Research has shown that there are several benefits of drinking tea every day.e. At the Art of Tea, we are passionate about tea and know that the benefits of tea may potentially help you live a long, healthy life.

Antibacterial & Anti-Inflammatory Teas for Your Body

The ancient Chinese originally used tea for its amazing antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties to ward off bacteria and viruses and keep their bodies healthy. Loose leaf tea is perfect for trying to add a few more antioxidants into your diet. We recommend drinking green tea, white tea, and earl grey tea. If you’d like to give another tea a try, rooibos is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties and aiding with allergy relief.

Support Your Digestion with Tea

Did you know that tea is wonderful for digestive problems? Tea has been clinically shown to help soothe an upset stomach, reduce stomach cramping, reduce digestive issues related to menstruation, increase digestive flow, and help cleanse your digestive tract of harmful toxins. The benefits of tea are truly amazing! At the Art of Tea, we recommend consuming our Bright Eyed turmeric and ginger tea, French lemon ginger tea, or Wellness Gut Health blend. Ginger, green tea, fennel, peppermint, and chamomile are all known for aiding in digestive health and calming an upset stomach.

Enjoy a Cup of Tea for Emotional Wellbeing

A warm cup of tea can also act like a hug when we need it most. Our Wellness Rejuvenating blend has been formulated to help ease the mind. Our Bright Eyed blend is perfect to start your morning, energize your day, and complete all the tasks you need to finish. Our Sleep blend is a soothing tea to help you wind down your day or even drink right before bed for the sweetest dreams.

Boost Your Immune System with Tea

Now more than ever it’s important to have a strong immune system that can adequately fend off viruses. Boost your immune system with a great cup of tea. If you feel even the slightest scratchy or achey throat, quickly make a warm pot of our Throat Therapy. If you’re looking to ward off sickness or are already feeling a little down, try our Feel Better Tea to enhance your immune system with echinacea, elderberry, and cinnamon. You will not regret it.

Shop the Art of Tea for Your Favorite Healing Tea!

At Art of Tea, we believe tea is personal. That’s why we offer so many different flavors and types of tea. Shop our teas to find the perfect set of tea for you!