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The History of Tea

Every time you enjoy a cup of tea, do you ever think about where it originated? Art of Tea respects the heritage that our favorite beverage holds, and we want to share the knowledge with all of the other tea lovers out there. Rich with culture and history worldwide, check out these helpful resources on the origins and history of tea to expand your awareness!

Cultural Background of Tea

Tea has been around for ages, and knowing the cultural background of this drink can bring a deeper meaning to every cup. Discover the stories and legends of some of our favorite teas in the resources below!

Origins of Specific Teas

Do you have a favorite type of tea? Every tea has a unique origin story and we’re here to tell it! Learn more about your favorite tea’s specific journey to modern times below.

The Tea Drinking Experience

Enjoying a cup of tea is an experience, and there is a perfect tea for every mood, day and season. Learn more about the history of tea, the tea drinking experience, and why it is so much more than a drink to whoever chooses to indulge.

Global Presence of Tea

Tea has touched all corners of the world, and is enjoyed everywhere. Dig a little deeper into its global presence and discover tea traditions from around the world!

The tea world is immense, and can sometimes feel hard to understand. Art of Tea is passionate about the rich history of tea, and we are happy to provide more information for all the other tea lovers out there. Now when you indulge in a warm cup, you’ll know its journey to that very moment. Shop our collection of teas here today!