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5 Iced Tea Pops to Help You Cool Down This Summer

Iced tea is great. Tea as an ice pop is even better. Cool off this summer with easy to make (and virtually calorie-free!) tea ice pops! If you want to make the simplest pops possible, try pouring a fruity tea like Hibiscus Cooler into ice pop molds and freezing overnight. Because you're just using tea, these pops will have 0 calories and 0 added sugar, making them a great Summer treat for health-conscious kids and adults. For more complex flavors, try one of these 5 ice pop recipes using Art of Tea teas!

White Coconut Creme Pops

It's no secret that we love White Coconut Creme served iced as much as we love it hot. It's one of our most popular teas and we feel confident that its sweet and creamy flavors have something to do with that! Amp up the creaminess of this tropical tea and turn it into a layered White Coconut Creme Pop! Our two-ingredient recipe couldn't be simpler. Just brew your White Coconut Creme and grab some coconut cream. (Note: Coconut cream is thicker than coconut milk and can be found in cans at most grocery stores.) You'll alternate pouring the tea or cream and then freezing the pops to give these tasty tropical pops their beautiful stripes. 

Earl Grey Latte Pops

We love a good London Fog, but they aren't exactly refreshing when the weather is fog-free and hot. If you still need your Earl Grey fix during the warmer months, try Earl Grey Latte Pops by Dessert for Two instead. Using the same technique used in the White Coconut Creme Pops, you'll layer Earl Grey with coconut milk (not cream!) for a lighter, citrusy pop that tastes like one of the world's favorite teas. Want to make this recipe even creamier without adding any fat? Swap out Earl Grey for Earl Grey Creme and make a black tea creamsicle with delicious hints of vanilla!  

Earl Grey Lavender Pops

For a more sophisticated ice pop that celebrates the Bergamot flavors of Earl Grey, try one of these Earl Grey Lavender Pops by Unconventional Baker. Totally vegan (and totally delicious), these pops are sweetened with maple syrup instead of processed white sugar. Even better, you can easily skip including lavender by using London instead. This Earl Grey-based blend is chock-full of lavender that infuses into every cup you steep. Try mixing Earl Grey Creme with London to skip the addition of vanilla extract, too!   

Blackberry Iced Tea Pops

Don't be afraid to add exciting ingredients, like fruit, to your ice pops. This recipe for Blackberry Iced Tea Pops from Chronicle Books Blog spices up a black tea ice pop by adding blackberries and lemon juice. While this one includes sugar, you can swap it out for agave, or skip the sweetener altogether. After all, we always say our teas are good enough to drink on their own. This recipe suggests using Earl Grey or Darjeeling. We think Darjeeling is the best choice for this one. The light and floral flavors of Darjeeling go great with the fun and tangy flavors of blackberry!

Matcha Milk Pops

If you're worried that sugar will give your kids too much energy, definitely steer clear of this one. But for adults, a Matcha pop could become your new best friend. Say goodbye to lethargy caused by sunny afternoons and perk up with a Matcha popsicle. Our Matcha Milk Pops are super easy - with just four ingredients and a few steps. You can use milk or a milk alternative to make this recipe vegan, too. While Grade A Matcha is perfectly fine for an ice pop, you can step up your ice pop game and use Matchasticks for an extra special Summer dessert.  

You can find even more ice pop ideas on the Art of Tea Pinterest. And if you're planning on skipping the popsicle molds this year and sticking to iced tea, be sure to check out our Iced Tea collection

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