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Add Matcha to Your Smoothie to Amp Up Your Morning

Adding matcha to your diet doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Of course, we love taking time to make preparing tea a ritual, but that’s not always realistic. If you’re dashing out the door, you might not have time to pull out your bamboo scoop, matcha whisk, and bowl to prepare perfectly-frothy hot matcha. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have the same benefits of this concentrated green tea on-the-go in the morning.


A spoonful of matcha added to your morning smoothie can give you a burst of energy, along with several other wonderful benefits. Because matcha’s flavor is slightly sweet and vegetal, it’s perfect with almost any green smoothie. Toss spinach, frozen fruit, a scoop of matcha, and milk or a milk replacement into a blender and whirl up a deliciously nutritious breakfast with a hidden caffeine punch. Some delicious flavor combinations include bananas and pineapple with matcha, strawberries, and pineapple with matcha, or banana and peach with matcha. Really, almost any fruit will make this powdered tea shine.


If you do have a few minutes to spare and you’d like to replicate the experience of preparing a cup of matcha, we suggest making a matcha bowl. This Instagram-worthy breakfast consists of a smoothie base with fresh fruit, seeds, and nuts as tasty decor.  To make a smoothie bowl, first, make a matcha smoothie using frozen fruit and maybe even a leafy green. Then, pour your smoothie into a wide cereal bowl. Next, layer berries or thinly-sliced bananas, strawberries, or kiwis over the smoothie. Don’t be afraid to get artistic with this! Make patterns with the fruit or keep your foods cleanly separated. After you’ve laid down your fresh fruit, sprinkle chia seeds, nuts, coconut flakes, or any other dry and nutritious topping. And that’s it! A beautiful breakfast that will keep you alert and focused throughout your morning. 

You can use our recipe to make a smoothie bowl, but we encourage you to experiment, too! Try out different flavor combinations and toppings to keep breakfast exciting and interesting. Try using Grade A Matcha at first and then test out our ceremonial-grade matcha for even higher quality smoothies and bowls. Either way, you’ll enjoy scrumptious smoothies that give you almost as much energy as a cup of coffee. Talk about a perfect breakfast!

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