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Matcha Recipe Roundup!

Matcha is wonderful for a few reasons. First, it packs more nutrients and caffeine than traditional green tea. Second, it tastes delicious. And third, it's easy to use in recipes. If you've just purchased your first batch of Matcha, you've been gifted Matcha, or you're a Matcha veteran looking for new ideas, we've put together some of our favorite Matcha recipes to help you get started!

Mint Matcha Iced Tea

Recipes aren't always for baked goods or fancy meals. Our Mint Matcha Iced Tea shows that you can get creative with Matcha, even if you're still serving it as a tea. With a vibrant green hue and refreshing grassy and minty notes, Mint Matcha Iced Tea is the springtime drink you'll be sipping on all season. 

Matcha Truffles

Chocolate and Matcha are (surprisingly) a tasty match. We whipped up Matcha Truffles for Valentine's Day, but see no problem with making them year-round. With simple ingredients, like coconut oil, dark chocolate, and Matcha, these truffles look decadent but aren't difficult. Make a batch for yourself or give them as a gift. If your friends aren't familiar with Matcha, they'll love the complex flavors, the bittersweet notes, and the slight kick of energy Matcha lends to this recipe. 

Matcha Smoothie Bowl

Invigorate your morning and start your day off right with a healthy and energizing Matcha Smoothie Bowl. You'll want to take photos before you dig into this delectable breakfast. With a delicious mix of vegetables, fruit, and (of course) Matcha, this smoothie bowl has everything you need to get your day going. For Matcha enthusiasts with a bit of an artist in them, get creative with your bowl decorations and adorn your smoothie bowl with sliced fruit, seeds, and nuts.  

Matcha Pound Cake

It wouldn't be a list of Matcha recipes without a Matcha baked good! Matcha is particularly great for baking because of its powdered form and its slightly sweet flavor. We used Matcha to make a Matcha Pound Cake. This recipe doesn't take much and shows you just how easy it is to add Matcha to a recipe. Taking this same approach, you can add matcha to sugar cookies, waffles, pancakes, cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, scones, and more. All it takes is just a bit of Matcha to elevate your baked goods and create something that will really excite the palate.

When it comes to cooking with Matcha, the possibilities are virtually endless. In fact, there are already hundreds of Matcha recipe ideas out there. For even more Matcha inspiration, visit the Art of Tea Pinterest page and check out our Matcha Recipes board. Don't be afraid to get creative and really explore the flavors Matcha can help create! 

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