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Fixes for Your Top 3 Iced Tea Problems: How to Make Iced Tea

This Summer, let iced tea be your solution to your warm-weather qualms! Hot day? Drink iced tea! Thirsty by the pool? Drink iced tea! Need a mixer for a cocktail? Go for iced tea! Make sure iced tea is always a solution and never a problem by following this guide to fixing your top three iced tea issues!

1. You Don't Know How to Make Iced Tea

Making iced tea should be the least of your worries! One of the best things about iced tea is that there are multiple brewing techniques you can use to make great iced tea. The easiest, most "no-duh!" way is by making yourself a cup of tea, chilling it in the refrigerator for a few minutes, and serving over ice. For a larger batch of iced tea, however, we recommend following our brewing guide. This guide will instruct you on quick brews and how to (super easily!!!) make amazing cold brew iced tea. Whatever method you choose, you'll find that brewing iced tea is simple and easy!

2. Your Iced Tea is Cloudy

Cloudy iced tea is more of an aesthetic issue. Nobody wants to put their fresh-brew iced tea in a pitcher only to have it look as murky as ocean water! There are five main reasons your iced tea might be cloudy: your glassware could be dirty, the tea could have gone from the hot brewing phase to the iced phase too quickly, the tea that was brewed as iced tea is tea that is historically only enjoyed hot, there's something wrong with the water chemistry, and, finally, the tea was left in the fridge too long. The best way to avoid cloudy tea is by following our brewing guide, using clean dishes, and making sure your water is clean and of high quality.

3. Your Iced Tea Tastes "Off"

Just like cloudy tea, a funky tasting tea could have something to do with glassware, water, or brewing methods. If your tea is tasting overly astringent, try adjusting the amount of tea you're adding or the length of time you're brewing. If your tea has any odd tastes that should not be present, try changing your water source. Certain water types, like soft water, don't work well with teas. Others, like water that has not been purified, could bring flavors of their own. Finally, check that your dishes have been properly cleaned and are free from dirt, residue, or soap. 

Make sure your Summer is full of delicious, worry-free iced teas! For a fail-proof iced tea that everybody will love, try one of our award-winning iced teas: Classic Black, Summer Peach, Green Pomegranate, Meyer Lemon, or Passionfruit Jasmine.

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