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Tea Party DIY

It’s party time! Tea parties are a great way to catch up with friends, be social and enjoy delicious beverages and finger foods. Maybe it is your first time hosting, or maybe you need refreshing and new ideas for the next party. Either way, Art of Tea has you covered! Check out our exciting new takes on what tea parties are all about.

Tea Recipes

Tea Parties wouldn’t be complete without snacks and goodies for the guests to pair with their tea. Browse tea-infused recipes and crumpets for you to choose from and enjoy the snacking!

Tea Party Ideas

Party planning can be pretty stressful, and sometimes it is hard to choose where to even begin. We understand that and have provided everything you need right here for you from the experts at Art of Tea.

Party Playlists

Every party needs a perfect playlist to set the mood and keep the energy going for its entirety. Whether you need a celebratory vibe, or something more chill and calm, we have got you covered!


It’s party time! With all this information for your next tea party, we are sure it will be a hit. And of course, there is no better tea to serve than our own collection at Art of Tea. Quality, flavor and all-around goodness are promised with our products, and that is exactly what is needed at every tea party and beyond!