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Tea Cocktails

Each type of tea, from green tea to fruity teas, has its own unique flavor profile - perfect for bringing out the fragrant notes in your favorite spirits. Because of the many different flavors and varieties, tea has become a popular ingredient used by mixologists in carefully crafted, tea-based cocktails. From hot tea cocktails to warm you by the fire, to a refreshing iced sangria tea cocktail to sip by the beach - we’re sharing our favorite boozy cocktail (and mocktail!) tea recipes with you.

Seasonal Tea Cocktails

Experience the flavors of the season with these delicious hot and iced tea cocktail recipes. Start the New Year off with an herbal tea sangria; kick your feet up poolside with a refreshing, floral mixed drink in the warmer months; and taste crisp, fall flavors with our apple pie tea cocktail.

Summer Tea Cocktails

Fall Tea Cocktails

Holiday Tea Cocktails

Holidays are times to celebrate and bring friends together. Tea cocktails are just the way to make any event special.

Events / Parties

Impress your guests with a tea-infused cocktail party! Discover the perfect cocktail accompaniment for your celebration.

Tea Mocktails

We know alcohol isn’t everyone’s cup of tea - so we created a few spirit-free tea mocktails just for you. Take part in the festivi-teas and enjoy these refreshing tea-enhanced drinks without the effects of booze!

Classic Cocktail Recipes

Our take on the cocktail classics - with a tea-infused twist! Shake up your cocktail menu with a stellar wine and tea infusion or surprise your brunch guests with tea-mosas. We’re also spilling the tea on how we add this flavorful ingredient to three classic cocktails.