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Benefits of Tea

The Ultimate Guide

Tea, in its many different varieties, can provide a powerful life experience—from mindfulness to a boosted immune system. The benefits of tea and its uses for improving overall mind and body wellness are extensive. We’re here to give you the knowledge you need to understand how tea can help with anything from relaxation and stress reduction to natural skincare and beauty enhancement, and everything in between. We’ll also show you how the unique ingredients in each type of tea can improve overall health—read on to find out more about the power of tea.

Tea for Mind & Body Wellness

The information here covers a variety of topics, including how tea helps with total mind & body wellness in the practice of Ayurveda, what types of tea to drink to boost your immune system, and the health benefits for tea in children.

Allergies, Flu Season & More

Each year, allergy and flu season catches many of us off guard. Stay ahead of problematic health issues by learning about what types of tea can help to prevent, ease and fight off seasonal illnesses.

Relaxation, Stress Reduction & Meditation

Chill out with a hot mug of tea! Ease your body and soul with a caffeine-free or reduced tea variety. One of the fantastic benefits of tea is reducing stress and increasing relaxation, so heat up the kettle, turn on one of our chill-out playlists and get reading!

Exercise & Recovery

Tea is often associated with relaxation or sleep, but it can also be used as an energy booster to get you pumped up for your workout. Learn more about the benefits of green tea, black tea and other varieties, and how a cup of hot or iced tea before activity can give you a boost without the crash!

Skincare & Beauty

Not only does tea help ease your mind and boost your energy, but it also keeps you looking fresh-faced and glowing! Treat yourself to an at-home spa day with DIY tips and tricks for using tea as a skin treatment, learn about the ancient secrets about the benefits of white tea for skincare here!

Attention, Energy & Focus

Learn about what types of tea can help improve focus and attention during times when you need it most.

Benefits of Specific Tea Ingredients

The ingredients in each of our tea blends serves a specific function. Learn more about the benefits of each of these spices, and how they improve your overall health.

Benefits of Specific Types of Tea

In addition to having its own flavor profile, each variety of tea also has its own unique benefits that sets it apart from the others. Whether you prefer green tea, oolong, or herbal teas, you’re doing something good for your body no matter what you choice you make. Learn about the benefits of different types of tea to figure out which one is best for you.