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Baking with Tea

Tea is a beverage that is enjoyed by people all over the world, but have you ever had a treat infused with tea? It makes for a culinary experience, and your tastebuds will definitely thank you. Whether you are a baking enthusiast or newbie, check out these recipes to expand your palette.

Cookie & Tea Recipes

Cookies are a dessert that are enjoyed by millions of people world-wide, and we decided to put our own twist to the iconic recipes. Check them out and savor your favorite tea in cookie form!

Ice Cream & Tea Recipes

Often thought of as hot and cold opposites, ice cream and tea come together to make some pretty delicious results. Collide your two worlds, and thank Art of Tea later.

Other Sweet Treats

Truffles, cake, chocolate and all of the good stuff! Adding tea to the equation makes all of your favorite desserts even better...trust us, we know.

Matcha/Green Tea

If you are crazy about matcha as much as we are, trying out these recipes is a must! Art of Tea believes matcha has so many benefits beyond just tea, so be inspired by our ideas and let us know what you mix with your matcha.

Seasonal/Holiday Goodies

Goodies around the holiday season are a staple in many households. Try out these seasonal tea recipes and experience treats that will melt in your mouth and pair wonderfully with any seasonal celebration!

These recipes are only scratching the surface! Baking or cooking with tea opens the door to so many new possibilities, and Art of Tea knows once you start you won’t be able to finish experimenting. Browse our tea collection and pick out which teas you want to try out today!