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Seasonal Tea

A hot cup of tea next to the fire, or a chilled iced tea next to the beach...your tea preferences are always changing with the seasons. Having the right cup makes the season you are in just a little more enjoyable! Continue reading to learn what our pantry must-haves are in each season, and head over to our online store so you can experience it for yourself.

Holiday Tea Pairings & Recipes

The holiday season is filled with family, friends and quality time that we all love. In addition to all the memories being made, enjoying a warm cup of tea is definitely the cherry on top. Check out some of our seasonal favorites, and order some for your home!

Spring Tea

Spring is filled with blooming life and new beginnings, and what is in your cup shouldn’t be any different. Read about our spring suggestions and try them out soon!

Summer Tea

Tea in the summer time might sound off, but don’t forget you can always ice it! Check out activities and drinks you can enjoy in the summer sun, and order from our online store today.


Your favorite tea should change with the seasons, and we hope we helped you achieve that! Of course, you can enjoy any tea at any time in the year, and shopping our Art of Tea collection is always a good idea.