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How To Prepare The Perfect Iced Tea

During the hot months, nothing cools you off faster than a refreshing sip of iced tea. As tea experts, we have cracked the code on how to prepare the perfect glass of iced tea. Here’s a list of all the ways to prepare an unbe-leafable iced tea perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying poolside!

The Art of Iced Tea

First thing’s first, you need to know the basics. Here is everything you need to know about which teas are best served on ice and how to brew the perfect iced tea.

Best Iced Tea Recipes

The best part about being a tea expert is that we have the scoop on all the best recipes! Here are all of our top-rated iced tea recipes to brew this summer.

Start The Par-tea with Iced Tea

Whether for the entire family or adults-only, enjoy your summer by making one of our tea-infused treats or cocktails that will be a crowd-favorite!


Beat the heat this summer by preparing the perfect iced tea with Art of Tea! By following these tips and recipes, we hope that you will have a relaxing and refreshing summer that includes always having a glass of iced tea in hand.